HELP, need to figure out what is wrong 96 olds 88 LS


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HELP, need to figure out what is wrong 96 olds 88 LS

I have a 96 Olds 88 Ls that was given to me in October of last year. I took it to a shop locally and they replaced the radiator and 4 celinoids(?) in the transmission and told me it was in great condition. About a month later the heater fan blower began to run on high constantly, even after the car was turned off so I removed the heater fuse in order to prevent the battery from going dead, and the fuse is still out. In December the car began stuttering, dying at stops and having trouble excelerating and staying the same speed up inclines on the highway. Then I began to smell gas and slight burning odors. In the past month the catilitic converter has been bypassed and the fuel filter, egr valve, spark plugs and wires, oxygen sensor (rear), and return fuel line have been replaced. It is still stuttering (as badly as before),struggling to acelerate, there's still a slight gas odor and it is now ocassionally making a squealing noise. Can you please help me figure out what to do with this car? I desperately
need it.
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Look under the hood , can you see any electrical sensors that have the electrical connectors bad or un-pluged .

Check all the vacuum lines and devices . Any sound of vacuum leaking .

Is this throttle body fuel injection ? Multi-port fuel injection ?

You had the fuel filter replaced . Did any one check the fuel pressure at the injection system ? ( Possible weak fuel pump ? )

How many miles on the car ?

Spark plug wires ? Plugged in OK ? In need of replacement ?

God bless
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