2006 Altima code, how to repair


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2006 Altima code, how to repair


Quickly…..original owner 2006 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE, auto tranny with 270,000 miles on it. Dealer tune up(spark plugs included) was at 200k, it is recommended every 105k. Air filter recent, used transmission installed at 250k, any other maintenance has been brakes/suspension or radiator/fluids related. I am fairly novice in car repair, though very mechanically inclined. Car wise, I do brakes, wiper motors, filters and whatnot, and I have installed car stereo systems. Just unsure of the methods of troubleshooting car mechanical problems

I am experiencing fairly frequent but not steady rough idling(misfiring) and occasional hesitation upon acceleration that has been growing more common over the last couple weeks. In idle and drive engaged at a light.....you can feel the rumbling and the occasional small(~100-150rpm)surge as it tries to correct the misfire. Once in motion, there is no hesitation or loss of power whatsoever....car accelerates very quickly and is very responsive. Check engine light has been on a good 20k, though on and off initially. MPG is poor right now, averaging 18-19 though I travel a lot in the city….on highway trips where I use a full tank I am getting 25-27 with 75 MPH travel. Average when car was a few years old was maybe 21.

I am getting the following codes:

P0300 (random multiple misfiring)
P0455 (evap emissions control system leak, large)
P0171/P0174 (bank 1+2 running lean)

I am looking for where I should start with these codes. From searching around, I am getting that the 0455 is most likely a vent valve on gas tank related to emissions. I did clean the mass air intake with spray cleaner designated for such, though it did not look dirty in the least and I still noticed the misfiring...though that was parked just after doing the cleaning I have not driven it yet.

What is the best place to start with the others?

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated
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Although I'm not familiar with that engine setup, the codes and issue you describe sounds similar to what I had one both my neons (95 and 01) back in the day when they got up in age. On those engines, the PCV hose had cracked/rotted and as a result they where leaking.
What differs between those and probably yours is the hose cracked right at the block right up front, so the affects where a bit more extreme if the wind or rad fan blow air on it.

This may not be the issue here, but at that age and mileage, checking the hoses and replacing the pcv valve isn't a bad idea.
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Sounds like a vacuum leak to me... can cause misfires, lean codes, and if the vacuum leak is in the evap vacuum line that would show an evap leak as well. Check the vacuum line(s) that go from your evap canister to intake manifold/upper plenum.

Just looked it up, your canister is underneath the car under the rear suspension member. Google 2006 Nissan Altima Evap canister to get pics of what it looks like. Locate the vacuum lines and look for cracks and rot. If it is possible to secure the car and have it idle, you might can wiggle the lines around and see if idle changes or causes a misfire etc. However, make sure the car is safely disabled from forward or backward movement and no kids in the car etc haha.

While the car and exhaust are cold you can try spraying brake cleaner on the vacuum lines and see if the engine surges. Don't do this while the engine and exhaust is hot. It could be a fire hazard. If you have to shut the car off and let it sit for a couple hours and pick up where you left off.
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Thank you both....I am going to start with what you both suggested. That is a cheap enough and relatively easy enough approach. The engine light and rough idle have been there for quite some time, so I am going to take my time with this. Meaning Jimbo is going to wait for a sunny day, not this rainy crap

I am also going to get a repair manual, if only for the layout of my car. Are the Haynes manuals still decent?
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Are the Haynes manuals still decent?
The Haynes books for for general servicing have a decent amount of handy information making them a worthwhile investment.

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