cruise control disengages and shuts off


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cruise control disengages and shuts off

at first I thought that it might have something to do with using my directional lights because that is when it happened the first two times. But today as I was driving the cruise control disengaged and shut off without my using the directional lights and I was driving on a straight stretch of highway. I didn't touch the brake pedal or any buttons that control the cruise control. My car is a 2010 Ford Taurus SEL.
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This could be due to a few things. Your brake switch may be connecting and needs adjustment. A misfire may cause it to shut off on some cars. Also, it probably shuts off when traction is lost, such as when hydroplaning. If your Vehicle Speed Sensor(VSS) is having intermittent problems it could believe it's lost traction and cut the cruise off.

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