1995 ford taurus se ingnion?


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1995 ford taurus se ingnion?

I havent had any trouble till a few weeks ago.taking my daughter home seems like after it gets hot.shut the car off went into the $ store,went out to start it up nothing,i had the panels off btw i reached under the dash there was a wire that was so hot couldnt hang on to it.after 15 min or so car started up,it only gets hot with the key on,btw this car 75% of the time i dont need a key to start it.any ideas,ign switch and or the key housing?
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It's hard for us to guess which wire is getting hot. A color and approximate gauge may help. My guess is that wire may be for the blower motor. Many cars switch the blower power thru the ignition key. This large load being switched thru the ignition switch is one of the biggest reason the switches melt.

I would doubt that wire has anything to do with the vehicle not starting. It sounds like you may have a starter that is going bad from the heat.
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The starter is 3 years old,turns over fine,the blower motor isn't on,i can drive and drive it when I turn the key off,i will try to start it up it will 1 or 2 times then nothing,if I turn the key to the run position it gets hotter than heck,if I leave it off for 1/2 hour it will start...stumped,btw it just start a few weeks ago I never had any trouble before,i will take a few pic to post if I can,im use to overclocking pc fourms,lol...

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