it wont crank


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it wont crank

2001 chevy claver 2.2 wont crank chk batt and conn all good had satrter chk out @ local parts hose it ok no power @ starter sence wire on starter had ign turn to satrt pos thinking park nutral safty switch any help would be great
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Starter relays go bad. Find the fuse/relay box under hood and swap out relays with another position. Be sure the relays you swap have the same part#.
If this doesn't do the trick, find the purple wire in wiring harness under fuse/relay box and momentarily jump it to a hot wire. Starter should spin, if its solenoid is good.
The fuse/relay box is a poor design and uses double wire plugs that give real trouble. (two plug points for each connection)
Had this problem on my 2000 S10. Brother had same problem on his 2001 GMC. I have added a relay outside connected to purple wire to make starter work.
Hope this helps.


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