PT cruiser brake issue

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PT cruiser brake issue

Hi All,
have a 02 Pt cruiser with 43,000 miles on it. Front pads and rotors were changed about 8,000 miles ago. Over the last few days the right front has developed a noise. Noise is not there until brakes heat up a bit after several stops. Basically you hear dull light clunking or popping. IF stopped and car in park if you depress pedal slowly and forcefully you hear several of these pops right after the other. If you are driving and start slowly down and applying brakes the same noise happens. Even if car engine is off and parked you will here it if pressing the pedal down. IT is definately coming from the wheel. I am thinking maybe a bad caliper or something. Let me know thoughts. Brakes feel fine other than the noise. Thx
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Be sure the caliper is floating freely on the 2 pins, not binding. Be sure the pins are well lubricated.
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Exactly what 2gds said.
Also, sounds like pads are not sitting right on guides, crooked, and as caliper moves, they catch.
Lemmie guess. Aftermarket pads were used? And guides were NOT lubricated?

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