'99 Dodge Intrepid Window Motor


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'99 Dodge Intrepid Window Motor

I need to replace the power window motor in my Intrepid and was wondering if I can just replace the motor or if I need to order the whole mechanism. I have seen it sold both ways, and heard it is easy, but the "hardware kit" seems to be pictured with rivets. Is the motor mounted to the lever mechanism with a few screws, or is it more complicated than that? I would rather replace just the motor since it is cheaper, and I hate to waste the other parts if they still work.
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Many window regulator units are riveted in place. I left you a link below to step by step detailed instructions for removing and replacing the regulator. I would follow those step to just remove the door panel and water barrier and look at the mechanism to see if it's something you want to tackle. If I'm not mistaken the motor is held to the regulator with two or three screws.

Dorman products DigitalAssets DocumentF741-558_IS.pdf
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Thanks PJ, that was what I was thinking. I have actually found that same document somewhere in my searches, but that is as far as I have found, nobody seems to actually show how the motor is mounted to the assembly as a whole. The closest I have come is a stock photo on CarID that shows a hardware kit that contains the rivets. Many sights like that, however, use stock photos that rarely represent the actual product. Many hardware kits, I would imagine, come with standard parts and pieces that may not always be used either.

I am just worried about leaving the window open if I cannot complete the job quickly, as would be the case if I have to start riveting things. I will be doing this work outside, so I might not have time to wait for a replacement regulator assembly to arrive, not to mention the cost of ordering the motor, and then the whole assembly. I have heard elsewhere that the motors are probably screwed on, so maybe it may be a better than average chance?

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