starter on 2000 ford expedition making noise when cranked


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starter on 2000 ford expedition making noise when cranked

Hi folks, i need a little help/advice. I changed my starter out yesterday but when i cranked my expedition after installing the new one, it makes a horrible grinding/whining sound between the starter & the flywheel that doesnt stop. It almost sounds like the starter bendix isnt retracting from the flywheel, but i checked it prior to installing & it did. Ive tried shimming itnalso & that hasnt reduced the noise either...anyone know what this could mean? At this point ill accept ANY information/advice! Thanks, Nick.
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I am not sure what you describe.
Does the engine start?

If it doesn't start but grinding noise is during starter operation, you do not have complete gear engagement between flywheel and Bendix, so it rides edge, making grinding noise.
If engine does start, yet, grinding noise continues, Bendix does not retract and now flywheel is grinding on it.
If it's just whine during starter operation, and engine does not crank,/start, your Bendix is engaging broken tooth area on flywheel, simply spinning. Or, partially chipped tooth, along with partial engagement>grind. I had Ford Taurus that had that problem. For some reason, it only did this when parked downhill, so I learned to never park "nose down".
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Why did you change the starter? Is the new one a rebuilt, a factory remanufactured or a new starter? Who is the manufacturer? My first thought is you need to take that one back and get another. The only time I have heard the grinding you describe was when a factory starter installed with shims was replaced by a rebuilt starter without the original factory shims, but that was 40 years ago. Reinstalling with the factory shims took care of the noise. I doubt factory starters are installed with shims today.
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