impala 01 courtesy light


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impala 01 courtesy light

hi, i have an chevy impala 2001 and the courtesy light stay on after i close the door. I had to turn on and off the dimmer swith to turn the light off. The rest of the time they work normaly. I wonder if they have a timer relay or something like that, and if, where can i find it? i alredy check the door swith and dimmer swith.
sorry for my bad english.
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I forgot to say the light stay on longer then 30 minute after i close the door
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Today i try to follow the wire and i found noting like a relay. I think it may be the bcm. If I could find a diagram of the wire i gone a try to find wish wire control the light at the exit of the car. Nobody got a clue of what the problem came from?
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First thing I would tell you is to inquire at a recommended, experienced auto tech shop in your area.

Is the courtesy light finally going off on it's own after the 30 minutes? Reading your question I am reminded of the courtesy light delay feature that GM had installed in the early 2000's.

Do you have an owners manual? If not you can go to this :

I see a problem with the link above. If you do a Yahoo search for 2001 chev impala owners manual and click on the result with it will get you the owners manual.

And download the Owners Manual for free. Go to Section 2, start at page 2-55 and the next few pages will tell you about the time delay system, but usually the lights shut down in no more than 45 seconds.

A family member had a Buick where at night, the headlights were delayed and linked to go off with the courtesy lights giving you time to walk from the car to your house.

Just some ideas popping into my head:
I believe the light sensor for the delay feature is located in the top middle of the dashboard.......yours isn't covered with paper or a GPS or maybe crud build-up?

For the heck of it I would try disconnecting the battery terminals and then reconnect to see if something resets itself.......I'm just grasping at straws here.....Anyway good luck and keep me posted when you fix this.
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I'm looking at the wiring for your car and it shows no door pin switches..... is that correct ?
There is a BCM that does control everything.
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That sensor on the middle of the dash is for daytime running lamps... there is no "pin" switch for the light it is controlled by the door latch. Try spraying some wd-40 into all of the door latches open and close them a few times.

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