2006 Pontiac Torrent Brakes


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2006 Pontiac Torrent Brakes

My wife's Torrent had brakes done last summer at a local shop. There was a click/pop when braking sometimes and squealing noise. Shop said a brake pin broke and replaced it along with pads and disks.

She still heard high frequency squeal when braking after their fix and took it back a couple times last year, I can't hear it. She still can hear it.

Now we are getting a click/pop when braking again too.

Is it common for brake caliper pins to break? Is this easy to replace? Tips for how to stop high frequency squealing?

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Never had one break. 22 cars owned and DIY brakes.
Click pop sometimes comes from pads resetting themselves on bracket. Honda's notorious about that click. Squeal can be dust shield rubbing on rotor, that I had several times.
Hub bearing needs to be checked. It'll squeal awright, when gone bad.
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Never had one break. 22 cars owned and DIY brakes.
Same here. I've never seen one break during 36 years of DIY disc brake work (and 15 years as a professional mechanic). However, this doesn't mean that it couldn't happen...

Meanwhile, 2006 Torrents are well known for having serious brake problems that sometime require very costly hub and ABS component replacements at ~ 80K miles.
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2007 Pontiac Torrent Brakes Clicking

Talked to guy at parts store and he gave a few options for the clicking issue on our 2007 Torrent:
1-brake cleaner-tried that, no help.
2-brake pad adhesive(?)-I don't want to get everything gummed up, doesn't seem like a proper fix.
3-new rails/clips-haven't tried that yet, $10-12 seemed expensive when pads are around $26. There did seem to be a lot more clips/rails in this kit than what comes with new pads. Is ceramic preferred now, found these at amazon?

Anyway... I took the wheels off last night to check out the brakes. Everything looked okay... but I don't know what I am looking for really. The pads do shift around a bit in the caliper. Should they be snug, no movement? I can also move the outer part of the caliper & clip on the driver side at least (didn't notice on the right side). I removed the caliper bolt/pin/sleeve and they seemed okay, lubed up still.

After putting it back together and driving around for 20 minutes I thought I had miraculously fixed it... no clicks with a bunch of stop and go and high speed braking. Then when I got back to my house, it started clicking again :-( One click shortly after brakes are applied. Any ideas why that could be?

Pads and rotors were replaced a year ago so I hate to by new pads again.

Thoughts??? Thanks in advance.

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