Check engine light - trouble codes P0011& P0732


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Check engine light - trouble codes P0011& P0732

Got codes from auto zone. 2008 Infiniti G35X. P001 is intake valve timing (IVT). Possible cause - crankshaft position sensor failure. Brought to dealer. They want to inspect the intake sprockets, min fee of $475 labor. If sprockets need replacing, $3,500 ??? Wow. What could possibly cause this? I am original owner, don't neglect or beat on car. Oil changes anywhere b/w 3,500-7000 miles.

Code P072 is 2nd gear function- shift solenoid.
Probable causes (per autozone code printout):
- low fluid level
- shift solenoid mechanical fault
- hydraulic circuit fault
- transmission failure

Dealer stated it could be a valve body solenoid failure ($1,500!!). They suggested To drop the pan to see if any metal shavings in the fluid, sign of damage. No foreign material found.

Engine light stayed off for a few days, then came back on. Same trouble codes per autozone.

Only symptom I notice is occasionally at startup, rpm's drop donw and feels like car will stall. This actually happened about 2-3 times in past month. Once started, ok, except occasionally at red light rpm's will fluctuate up & down.

Sorry for long post, wanted to include all details.

Any ideas? Can I be doing more damage by driving car under these conditions?

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I think you'd be much better off going to Infinity/Nissan forums. Bet you not the 1st one.
Note to self - no, don't try Nissans. My son's Infinity is also having issues. Not just you.
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These cars use an engine oil flow regulated intake valve timing control solenoid to control timing. Thus, it's recommend that you first change the engine oil/filter and reset the engine code before performing any other test/repair work.
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FMB42 - Last visit to dealer included oil change, and the codes reset - engine light stayed off for 1-2 days and back on ever since.

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Ok, you didn't mention that in your first post (nor did you mention vehicle mileage).

Unfortunately, both intake and exhaust sprocket failures are pretty common on these things (even at extremely low mileage). I'll also mention that some owners reported difficulty in obtaining replacement sprockets. However, this supply issue may not be the problem that it was back in '08 and '09.

Also keep in mind that trans problems (such as you're experiencing) are also fairly common @ a mere 75K. Not a very positive outlook if you ask me.

At this point you might, of course, seriously reconsider just how much time and money you want to sink into that thing (especially if you have more than 125K on it).

As for your wise better safe than sorry "should I drive this thing as is" question; I'd follow ukrbyk's advice of referring to an Infiniti specific forum where you'll read first hand experiences from other G35 owners. Just be prepared for bad news (and make sure that you have a comprehensive towing service if you do decide to drive that thing).
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It is possible to damage the car if you keep driving it, I would get it looked at.

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