Help! Corrolla woes!


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Help! Corrolla woes!

Hi all,

Trying to install a BlitzSafe in my 2004 Corrolla S. I can pop the console open just fine, that's not the issue. But the plot thickens...

First of all, I can't figure out what size the bolts on the radio are. I have tried a whole bunch of sizes-- the internet maintains it's 10mm, but my 10mm socket wrench is roomy on them, the 9mm I can feel the edges of the bolt rubbing against the sides, and the 8mm is too small. This is driving me crazy Anybody know what size socket I need-- and where on earth I can get one?

Secondly, for reasons unknown to anybody, after the last pop-the-thing-open-and-try-yet-ANOTHER-dang-screwdriver, both the radio/clock and the cigarette lighter have gone dead. The AC lights are fine. I can't imagine it's a fuse, I assume I unplugged something, but I don't know what or where or how.

Any ideas what could be going on, and more importantly, how to fix it and get my Blitzsafe FINALLY installed? I'm going nuts!

Thanks in advance!
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Ahhhhh..... Blitzsafe.... a friends company here in NJ
You're installing an adapter between a new piece of gear and your OEM stereo for those that don't recognize the Blitzsafe name.

You're asking about the 4 bolts that hold the radio in the dash ? Yes.... those are supposed to be 10mm. Maybe it's been out before and someone put in SAE bolts. Try an SAE socket like 3/8".

It sounds like you lost the "always live" to the cigarette lighter/radio memory fuse. It should be under the hood. There are two separate plugs so I don't think it's a connector issue.
Maybe something, like a screwdriver, fell into the well.
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