2006 Ford escape A/C problem


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2006 Ford escape A/C problem

The a/c works fine when the car is on the highway but when you have to slow down in heavy traffic or city driving , the cold air leaves & is replaced by warm air. As soon as you speed up the cold air returns. Had to give car a shot of freon at start of summer .Would another shot help this problem ? Thanks, John
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NO! please don't add refrigerant, leave it to the professionals. Realistically an A/C system service is in the neighborhood of 100 bucks typically they can remove what is in there, remove all or most of the moisture in the system by pulling it into a vacuum and refill it to the proper level. Many freon kits you buy at the parts stores have sealers in them... Any shop who cares about their equipment or anyone else's car will not touch your car with a 10 foot pole. Once they have contaminated their machine with the sealant crap, they will be sharing it with every other car they use their machine on... not good.

Having said that you have an air flow problem. Sounds like the condenser fan is not working. You have to be able to pull air across the condenser to pull the heat out of the refrigerant in order for the a/c system to work. If your condenser fan is not working, when your driving down the road you have enough natural air flow through the condenser to work, but slow down and ya got no air flow. Verify the fan is working, it should come on as soon as you turn the A/C on... if its not you have a problem with it. Then finish the repair with an a/c system service... at a shop

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