Mitsu horn


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Mitsu horn

'03 Mitsubishi Galant

The horn goes Beep Beep just fine. But when you lean on the pad for a longer Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, it stays on. Popping the hood, pulling the fuse, and swearing is getting old really fast.

I suppose the contacts on the horn pad are sticking, but how do I fix that?
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The center area or pad of the steering wheel can usually be removed by two screws behind the steering wheel. Sometimes the screws are hidden with rubber/plastic plugs. The major problem here is that the pad in the wheel also incorporates the air bag and must be handled carefully and manufacturers guidelines need to be followed.
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Just don't do it while driving behind a group of Hell's Angels Be careful as Pete said, the air bag must be de=energized and bled down, elecctrically. I don't recommend it as a DIY job.
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Make sure that you're not pressing too hard on the pad, which can temporarily deform it (age tends to make some of these less flexible). But, like you say, it's probably a sticky horn button.

I suppose that the horn relay could be sticking due to pitted contact points. So, you might try tapping on it while the horn is stuck "on" (try not to panic your neighbors tho). You could also consider the swapping the relay out if tapping on it doesn't work.

Otherwise, I'd definitely follow the previous advice of having a pro do the repairs if it is indeed the button itself.
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I replaced the relay. 'Simplest approach - $20 part. We haven't had any problems since. Thanks

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