Sensors or alarm that notifies you when space has been breached or


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Sensors or alarm that notifies you when space has been breached or

I'm still scratching my head over the whole idea of a car alarm and how useless it can be IF it doesn't notify you that the car alarm has been set off.

What I mean is, it pretty much serves as just a "scare" tactic to scare away anyone who has already set off the car alarm whether by impacting it or actually trying to break in and steal the car. So, even if the alarm scares them away, the damage is still done to the car and you'll never know it until 12 hours later when you go to your car. By that time, it's too late. The culprit is long gone.

Or this scenario, sometimes the car alarm and flashing lights won't do jack squat because you are parked in the middle of some deserted or empty place where there is no lights and no people and the car alarm just goes for 15 seconds and stops anyways, to which the criminal can resume breaking in and doing whatever.

I realize, car alarms really do nothing. It's just basically a car's ability to scream and cry like a baby when someone disturbs it and just hoping that another citizen will see it or hear it and catch the disturber for you (which is like 99% not happening lol).

So, what I'm looking for is a car alarm or any sort of surveillance system that can NOTIFY YOU when the alarm has been triggered or space has been breached. I realize the problem with this is often the wireless range of the sensors. Most devices can't go beyond a few meters or even a hundred feet or so.

But I did come across one company i think their name was DAKOTA? Dakota 3000? It's a driveway alarm system that allows you to set up these sensor panels (like those cool invisible red beams of light u can only see in mist/fog) and as soon as someone crosses that beam of light, the alarm gets triggered and it's wireless range is actually 2000 to 3000 feet!!!

Of course, the other problem would be, what if someone just steals the sensors? How to protect the protector? lol.

If anyone knows of any sort of car alarm or surveillance system that can notify you LIVE TIME when an alarm has been triggered, I would be glad to know.

There's nothing that would offer me more peace of mind that actually know during live time if my car alarm has been set off or not. I hate going to my car just HOPING that I won't hear the "alarm had been triggered" notification and then frantically searching the car to see if there were any damages or what happened. I want to know live time so that I could burst out onto the scene at the moment something or someone did something to set off my car alarm.
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Let's see.....multiple cameras, portable carport, WiFi alarm sending system.....this Maserati must have sentimental value as well. Check places like JCWhitney, Rock Auto, Auto Zone, etc. Look for remote notification car alarms. Or Google it.
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Remove all dark window tint and do not forget any packages or anything that looks remotely valuable inside your Civic. Also, take off all unnecessary accessories that are flashing to everyone - steal me. Including that 15 inch slide out fancy stereo. That will be the easiest deterrent.
There are multiple motion sensors with WIFi and range to several hundred feet that will alarm you. If you are willing to jump out of bed middle of the night with loaded 12 gauge in hand, for every raccoon that decided to get close to your car.
If you are worried about it being stolen, install a solid kill switch somewhere only you know. If you are worried about it being burglarized, read paragraph one.
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Five minutes of Internet research will do much to bring you into the present decade in regard to car alarms...
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actually, not worried about it getting stolen. I know that people around here don't know anything about stealing cars as they can barely even get by with using their smartphones.

The only thing I'm interested in doing is catching someone in the act or at the moment of. I don't want to find out something happened to my car 12 hours after the fact. That's pointless (unless I got a shot of it on camera and can identify the person), but at night, car cams can't see better than my 100 year old grandma so it's useless. The best thing is to be there as soon as the alarm is triggered and yes, I've got something "special" for them and I'm so eager to catch one...I can't wait.

I'm pulling out all stops here. I am setting traps, I am night watching, I am staking out, yet the elusive "polkaroo" keeps getting away.

Just the other day, someone threw yet another object at my rear windshield that was just replaced 2 months ago + redid the tinting. Luckily this time it was only an eaten corn cob. My rear cam caught the corn cob smashing into my window setting off the car alarm but luckily the window did not shatter. The only problem? The mystery polkaroo person was not on cam. He/she was perfectly off camera when committing this act.

It happened only 1.5 hours before I came back to my car only to find out something was wrong. If the alarm notified me right away, I probably could have been there in time to catch polkaroo.

I will do everything in my power to catch polkaroo and when I do, I will hang him and take a picture and post it up here for you.

Until then, I need to continue to stock up traps and cameras and anything else I can think of to catch this elusive polkaroo. I even called the police and we set up a file and report but there's no image or video EVER captured of this mystery polkaroo. He can't be a ghost. I will get my moby dick if it's the last thing I do.

And no, I will not untint my windows or remove my decals, or undo any mods I've done to my car. I will not let these polkaroos dictate how I want to live my life and enjoy it. In fact, I'm getting more mods done to my car next week and adding some more decals. Oh yes, I will not back down. NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER!

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FMB42, actually I disagree. I've done about 2 weeks of research and still haven't found anything that works. Try it yourself. You'll see that all these so-called wifi cams have a limitation...their range doesn't work. Besides, I'm not looking for wifi-cams as I don't want to be glued to watching my monitor all day. I just want a simple device that can notify me like a pager device or even if it can transmit a text message to my phone. But I think this technology is not available for the average consumer. It's really hi-tech stuff that probably would require special connections/contacts to get something like that done.

The other day I spent hours researching VIPER alarms hearing how good they were only to find out later on youtube videos some guy ranting about VIPER / COBRA alarms and how much crap they actually are and started recommending other brand names I've never heard of. So no, it doesn't take 5 minutes of internet research.

I really appreciate those who have given whatever input they could, but I'm sure nobody here is actually utilizing this technology if it does exist. Otherwise I wouldn't be getting so much "run arounds", but I would get specific links and brand names to products.''

The best thing so far really seems to be this DAKOTA 3000 driveway sensor security. That's quite impressive! But I don't have a driveway here so setting up the sensors and a perimeter is trickier in my situation as I have to do that on "public" lots
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Here's an example of something I found while researching but look, is it really real? Does it exist?

This car alarm claims that it can call your phone when the alarm has been triggered. But all the comments below and the website show nothing about it and there's no response from appears to be a scam or fake company. This technology is NOT easy to find. Doesn't take 5 minutes.

I'm still trying to find one if such technology actually exists.
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It took me less than 15 seconds to find 11,800,000 results for car alarm pager systems.

And it only took me about 10 seconds to find 41,800,000 results while searching "car alarm systems". Below is a link to a "Top Ten Review" of such systems:

Car Alarm Review 2014 | Best Car Alarm Systems

This technology is not new. And nor are the various proximity "radar" sensors that can be connected to most any car alarm system.

This is not to mention the far more advanced "vehicle GPRS GSM SMS GPS tracker/tracking systems" that are now available for less than $75.

Btw, I'm speaking from 5+ years experience of own/operating a 2 bay auto alarm/electric repair shop during the 1990s, and more than 20 years experience of owing and operating car alarm systems in various personal vehicles (both aftermarket and OEM "factory" installed).

Meanwhile, car alarm systems aren't for everyone...

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