Suzuki Samurai no compression


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Suzuki Samurai no compression

I bought a 92 Suzuki Samurai (Fuel injected, 107K Miles) last year with safety sticker. Just a fun weekend cruiser. When I tried to safety it this year, it wouldn't pass. Had a local shop look at it and they said there was no compression in the 3rd cylinder, and that it probably needed a new engine. I hear from someone else burnt valves may be the culprit. Any suggestions to look for a solution?
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Yeah, take head off and fix it. Why would you drop engine in for single cylinder problem?
Same time, drop oil pan down, pull pistons out, replace rings and tie rod bearings. You can also replace crankshaft bearings same time.
Have fun with transmission. That one is about twice the engine size. I had pleasure of doing clutch on those 3 times in one year.

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