car starts only sometimes - Accord 1991


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car starts only sometimes - Accord 1991

I have a Honda Accord 1991 that was running fine until today
while on the highway the engine staled and stopped, I tried to start it many times but nothing...I thought I ran out of gas because it sounded like it but after i refilled gas it still didn't start.

after towing it home and leaving it for a few hours I tried again and it started so I took it around the neighborhood to try for about 5 minutes and when I was parking it it stopped again and wouldn't start
I'm suspecting the engine doesn't get enough fuel supply but how can I tell if it's the Fuel filter or the fuel pump?

the check engine light was on for about a month now
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well for starters, you need to read engine error codes.
Honda specific, stalls and restarts on cold are ignitor, coil, or ignition lock.
Here's great site for you:

Car is fully warm, stalls suddenly while driving, then won't restart unless you let cool down for a while
back to Symptoms

Ignition switch
* Igniter
* Coil
Loose wire

Starting Problems
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Find someone you know who has a fuel pressure tester (gauge) or run to repair shop who does have one. That way they can check fuel pressure when running good as well as letting it run long enough to start acting up and see what it reads then as well. Seen some pumps act up only after they run for a while and pump heats up and pressure drops.
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If it's been a while since the fuel filter was replaced that would be a good place to start .... along with checking the codes and a the pressure check. Most auto parts stores will check the codes for free.

btw - welcome to the forums Peter!
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to isolate problem.....when car will not start.....spray some carb spray into intake and see if it will start on it and then stall.....this would tell you if it was fuel related......if that does not help then get a spark tester inexpensive at local parts store and check for spark during no start.
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He has pre-OBD2 vehicle. No parts store will read codes for him.:NO NO NO:
He needs to read codes the old way, by noting CEL blinks or ECM light blinks. It's easily done by following links at the Honda sight I provided him with.
Please, do not forget, that that site is HONDA SPECIFIC, by Honda owners and for Honda owners. It lists all typical Honda problems and fixes. And sudden stalls then restarts on cold engine are NOT fuel related. Of course, he might be the special one, but it's either his dizzy or ignition lock. That's where you head first.

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