Tire balancing with bubble balancer and Dyna beads...


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Tire balancing with bubble balancer and Dyna beads...

Has anyone used a bubble balancer to static balance tires and then maybe just a few Dyna beads put in the tire to dynamically balance them?
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Never used the beads but I have and still use a bubble balancer to do both truck and auto tires with no problems.
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When I was a mechanic back in the 80s I worked for a shop that had both a bubble and a high speed dynamic balance machine. Both worked well according to their intended use (the dyna unit was normally only used on high performance cars or vehicles with a balance problem).

However, one slow day the lead mechanic balanced his Blazer tires on the bubble and then spun them up on the dynamic unit. Surprisingly enough, he claimed that the bubble job came out pretty darn close according to the dynamic unit.

Btw, just be aware that you, of course, won't be able to bubble balance your wheel/tires after you've put the Dyna Beads in them.

Also be aware that you really should use the recommended amount/number of Dyna beads in order for them to work properly.
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Yes i know i would have to put the beads in the tires after they are static balanced which is easy. Either put them through the air thingy or just crack the seal again and toss in some beads. I don't think the tires would need a lot of beads just to finish the dynamic balance but i guess it will be trial and error. I was hoping someone who had experience doing it this way would comment. Anyways thanks for the replies...

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