How to remove broken stud


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How to remove broken stud

I just broke my rear wheel stud on 2010 corolla. THANK YOU DEALER!
Only about half inch left and I tried hammering it but it wont pop off. Its not even rusted. whats the solution?
FYI; I used a 5lb hammer.
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You may need to rent/borrow/buy a wheel stud remover. Or put the other 3 lugs on and carefully drive it to a shop. Prob wouldn't charge more than $10 or so.
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Should be a slot in backing plate stud drives through. Does not take to hard a blow to get out. Some cars you have to take drum or rotor off, If disc brakes may have to take caliper out of way. Studs will break no mater who puts them on. A little piece of dirt , wheel hitting stud when removed all can cause this. If dealer was last one to work on call them they might repair for free.
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I've always used a punch along with a 4lb hammer, a sharp rap or two generally breaks them loose.
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He is likely to have a hub with built in studs. Not many modern cars have stud removal provision in the hub anymore. As the result, stud head is set flush against the hub and you can not hammer it out.
OP, sorry, it's a new hub.
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OP, it should come out. Maybe remove hub for that, it's not that much of work to do.

2010 Toyota Corolla Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly Rear L4 1.8 (NSK)

As in - it should be quite easily hammered out. I broke many studs, never had one I won't hammer out quite easy.

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