Key fob taken to Local Chevy dealer for battery replacement story


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Key fob taken to Local Chevy dealer for battery replacement story

Hi everyone,
I wanted to relate a story that happened to me yesterday on taking my 2007 Chevy Malibu to a local Chevy dealer to have the key fob battery replaced and the fob reprogrammed to the car - total expected cost to be around $40.00

For a couple of weeks our Malibu has been reporting 'Key fob battery low' and finally it quit working as far as we knew. I scheduled an appt. with the Chevy dealer to drop the car and key fob off yesterday to get a new battery and reprogram the fob to the car as has to be done by a dealer.

Anyway, we get a call later in the day indicating that the key fob has '... a broken circuit board and can't be fixed!' Which up to the point the battery died had been working perfectly -- and, for the nominal price of $126.00 they'd sell us a new key fob, re-programming included...

Well we declined the offer, stopping by to pickup the old key fob and the car, and heading down the road. Making a quick stop just a half-hour later, my wife pushes the 'Lock' on the old key fob and it works!!! Battery was still low, but it worked a few more times before conking out again.

So here are my questions:
1. What did the Chevy dealer do ?
2. If a new battery had been changed and fob could not be reprogrammed; why did putting in the old battery continue to work without(?) re-programming the fob?
3. Was this just a ploy to increase revenue by $86.00 ($126.00 - $40.00)
4. If the old battery was simply put back in because they couldn't reprogram the fob with the new battery - Does that mean, all I need is a new battery for the fob and replace it myself?

Thanks for your reply,
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I don't know about GM but with the ford I have i just replaced battery. Look in owners manual mine told how to do it.
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It would certainly worth the few dollars to replace the battery yourself.

This must be something new as once a remote was programmed to your car it was programmed.

The 07 Malibu requires a tech scanner to program a fob.
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As pugsi says, check the owners manual. I have replaced several on Toyotas. Battery usually costs under $ 4.00 and is available at most stores such as Wally World or Meijer, or auto parts stores.
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I don't think any car I've ever had didn't hold the programming when changing a battery. Leave it open for 5 hrs and maybe it would, but not the 1 or 2 minutes normally needed. Same with most newer GDO and TV remotes.
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I'd toss a new battery in and see what happens.

If it doesn't work then you'll need tech scanner in order to reprogram system (like PJ Max says). Note: you can probably have one of the better equipped locksmiths in your area do this as well.

Btw, OEM type replacement remotes for your car can be had for ~ $40.
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