Mitsubishi CD player


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Mitsubishi CD player

I pretty much know the answer, but I'll give it a shot that there's a simple fix...

'03 Galant factory CD player "jams" and won't eject CD. Is replacement my only option?
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Not necessarily...but probably. First thing is to remove it and open it up, looking for lint/debris, etc. A good independent audio shop would probably be able to best advise on how to do that and if it would affect any other functions (alarms, door locks) for instance. They may even be able to bench test pretty cheaply in hopes of selling you a new one if it fails testing.

Brand/model specific Forums are also a good source of info.

New players aren't very expensive really, and most have way more features than the standard unit. If it's a single (1/2?) height head unit, you may not even need any sort of trim kit.

Only from my experience messing with a 2001 Tribute a couple of years ago...been too long since my hearing could tell any difference between basic stock and upgraded units.
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When I see that the local Pull A Part has four Galants, and that they want $25 for a CD player, I'll probably go that route. (Since I don't like the look of non-OEM heads.)

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