Flap Covers Gas Filler Neck Opening. Rip It Out?


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Flap Covers Gas Filler Neck Opening. Rip It Out?

My car has a little hinged flap covering the opening that the gas pump nozzle fits into. The pump nozzle pushes the flap inward and aside but my gas can spout is too short(1). This is not an air seal. There is another tiny hole in the filler neck framework next to the flap. (When I put in gas from the gas can I have to wait for the gas to trickle in via that second tiny hole.)

I want to simply rip out that flap using perhaps long nosed pliers. Does anyone know if the flap serve any useful purpose?

(1) Another program and gripe for another date and time and forum thread.
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I'm not sure what the purpose is, but I boogered up the one on my car somehow (I don't even remember how, I think I was trying to siphon some gas out for my blower?) so I used a pair of needle nose and pulled it out. You DON'T want to let it fall in the tank, that could cause issues.

The new gas cans are a PITA, but I solved the short spout and bad angle issue by just taking a piece of large diameter rubber hose and pushing it on over the spout. Then a smaller diameter hose inside that to fit through the filler hole.
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No mention of what car it is.
My Ford edge has a funnel in the spare tire compartment that just slips in to bypass the flapper.
No way would I be removing it!

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