Anyway to identify replacement Takata air bag in a reconstructed 2006 Cobalt


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Anyway to identify replacement Takata air bag in a reconstructed 2006 Cobalt

Hi all,
Was wondering if there was any way to identify a Takata airbag if it was used to replace OEM GM airbag or, if that is even a possibility?

My 2006 Chevy Cobalt just got its ignition cylinder replaced amongst a couple of earlier recalls but I noted that the recent Takata air bag would not have been installed OEM by GM in this particular model. But, since I know this vehicle was rebuilt from a front-end collision before I purchased it, I wondered if it would have been possible for a Takata airbag to have been used (?)

This got me to thinking, how do you even look at an airbag system and know that:
a.) it's been replaced/and is functional; and
b.) how can you identify the manufacturer from what you can see?
I'm assuming that you might be able to use the front end sensor, that initiates airbag deployment in a front-end collision to eliminate a certain airbag mfg'r but maybe not confirm who made the airbag...

Any help or advice you can give is appreciated as I'm starting to get a little bit 'Recall'-shy.
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Your best bet would be to determine where it was repaired and try to see the invoice for the airbag. Just because it had a front end collision does not necessary mean the bags were blown. I see rear-end accident vehicles all the time with a fair amount of front end damage that still have intact airbags. Mismatched bumper heights on the colliding vehicles will often not subject the sensor to enough g force to initiate the bags. Pretty common for a low bumper car to hit something from behind with a higher bumper - truck, van, suv - and the rear bumper of the car in front goes over the other bumper and crushes the grill area of the read car rather than the sudden-stop of going bumper-to-bumper.

As to checking them, best left to a pro.

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