2001 Nissan Quest


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2001 Nissan Quest

Wife's van engine is shaking. Just started the other day. I didn't get under it yet but I think it may be the motor mounts.
Like my title says, it's 2001, but this thing is in excellent shape.

Anyone know if these models are prone to mount failure?
Also, engine check light comes on. How would the computer sense engine is loose? Maybe I'm on the wrong track.
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I think you are off on the mounts...

Get the codes read and I bet you have a cylinder down. Lose one on a 4 banger and they shake most times. Same with sixes.
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That makes more sense. I wouldn't expect check engine light to come on for a motor mount.
Crap. It's a six cylinder.
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Usually, you can simply look at engine mounts to see if they are failing. Something will be visibly broken. But your complaint is just a "shaking" engine, I assume at idle.
The engine is the 3.3 L VG33E V6. If you are unfamiliar with a missing sound, disable one spark plug by unplugging the plug wire, and then note how it runs. (Be mindful this will probably set a code.) Do this individually for all the plugs until you notice no change in engine sound. That would be the problem cylinder.
However, most rough idle issues are simply vacuum leaks. Get a can of starter fluid and spray/inspect all the vacuum hoses and junction points while the engine idles. If the fluid causes an engine change in sound, then you sprayed on a leak point.

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