Power steering makes "grind feel" turning wheel to right, not left


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Power steering makes "grind feel" turning wheel to right, not left

We have a 2000 Town & Country minivan deluxe type. Runs great. 135k mi's.

When at a standstill if I turn the steering wheel to the left all feels fine. When I turn it to the right I feel a "motor gear friction" feel in the steering wheel like something, like a motor, is grinding. It doesn't make a noise, tho. (Well, I haven't checked under the hood yet.) It's not really a heavier steering feel, either. But something is definitely happening. And it doesn't feel right.

I did recently replace the power steering cooler. Just bolted it on and installed the hoses, added fresh fluid, etc.

All was fine for a 1000 mile road trip. A month later I'm getting this "feel."

Hmmm, I haven't checked the fluid level, either, yet, as I recall.


Thanks, JP
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Check the fluid ............
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If fluid low check for a leak, Does not evaporate.
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I just checked the fluid. The level is fine. I also listened under the hood while my wife turned the wheel. NO sounds from the engine area! But inside the car we do hear a whine when the "friction feel" starts. It shows up lightly on when turning the wheel far to the left. It shows up much stronger and for more duration when turning the wheel to the right. My wife thought the steering became heavier as well for turning to the right. Basically it seems like a vibration kicks in. But it doesn't do it if I turn the wheel rapidly! It will persist if held in a position that vibrates or resonates (or whatever it's doing) -- it'll keep doing it. I couldn't hear anything under the car, either. Weird!
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I'd wild guess steering pump is getting there.

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