Small tear in tire treading and a nail and some goo?


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Small tear in tire treading and a nail and some goo?

Over the weekend while I was checking my tires, I found a small (but not that small) tear in my tire treading. It wasn't on the sidewall but right on the treading near the edge. Treading naturally is pretty thick so the tear looks like it's about 1 to 1.5 cm deep when I spread it open to see how deep it goes but does not appear to have punctured the actual tire. There's no air loss or any issues when driving. Just wondering what does one normally do with these small tears? How do you patch that up or is it not possible? Is it likely that more rocks or something else could get into this tear and cause it to tear even more? How about the winter season? Will frozen ice, snow, water etc worsen this tear over the season? Is it possible to use some sort of black tar substance to just fill in the tear and keep it from getting stuff caught up in it? BTW, this is was the rear right side tire.

On the rear left side tire, I also found a nail (small one), but sometimes I've heard it's better to just leave it in there as it acts like a plug or seal. Again, no air loss, or any detectable issues when driving. Is it ok to just leave it for awhile or does this need to get removed asap and plugged at the shop?

Lastly, I found some blackish brown goo on my treading (rear right side tire again). I was attempting to pick it off with a screwdriver and as I was picking at it, it wouldn't come off. It was very sticky and tar-like. Then I thought to myself, waitaminute, this might be one of those plugs that was used to seal a previous puncture in the tire. Is this so? It looked like this gooey thing was going inside the tire so I stopped picking at it. Is that what the tire plugs look like? Brownish/black goo or almost like mud or crap that you drove over?

My tires look fairly new. Treading is still deep. Car only has 32,000 km on it and when I bought it 6 months ago these were the tires already on it.
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Slight tear in tread leave it alone. should not hurt anything.
Nail needs to be repaired soon Dno not pull nail out, Tire will go flat if punctured tire No idea what goo is.
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Read about siping. This should relieve you from tear worries.
Nail if not removed will eventually be pressed deeper and deeper into the tire, until it actually punctures through. That's a completely opposite opinion to pugsl's. But based on personal experience. If it's a rather most tread left tire, and nail is only a bit deep into it, pull it out and treat it same as tear. I continuously pull all kinds of metal shards and objects out of tread lugs without any harm.
Hole plugs leave no goo. They are almost immediately rubbed off down to tread surface and are practically impossible to spot thereafter.
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Hmm....then I wonder what that goo was? I tried pulling it off but when I saw to the center it looked like it was going inside a hole in the tire. That's why I thought it might be that "seal/plug" that people can put it with their hands and a tool if they get a flat on the road. Never had to use it nor have I seen how it looks so I thought that might be it.

That's good news about the tear. I'll have to take it into a tire shop I guess and let them have a look at the nail and the mysterious goo.
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Get the nail out. If it goes flat get it fixed. Leave the other stuff alone.
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Could the "goo" be "Fix-A-Flat" ?

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