1999 Subaru Forester misfire or what?


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Question 1999 Subaru Forester misfire or what?

rying to get my daughter's 99 Forester, 2.5 SOHC, auto 236K, running for her visit home from college this week. I pulled the engine to do the head gaskets. Ended up doing a valve job and timing component kit and new plugs also. (Not my first time with the timing kit) So for the first ten minutes, it ran beautiful. Driving down the road, it started to misfire (or so it seemed) Check engine light came on and the DTC came up cam position sensor, bank 1. I replaced the cam sensor tonight and the misfire started again. I had to drive it home and periodically, the miss would stop for a few seconds. Got home and I replaced the wires with the new set from my 01 Forester. Same results. I used NGK plugs as I always do. I should mention that prior to pulling the engine, quite a bit of coolant made it's way into the exhaust. Not sure if this would impact performance. Any ideas?
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I'm sure that you double/triple checked the belt timing. Plus, it seems to be an intermittent problem, so I'd more or less rule out the belt/timing (but you never know).

Therefore, you might next check the O2 sensor(s) system (coolant fouled? ).
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Curious. You do have VVT of some sort, right? As if it's hydraulic VVT actuator, you may have obstruction somewhere, or debris, blocking oil passages. I know on Toyota engines, this is remedied by cleaning screen filter and VVT valve with carb cleaner.
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i would start with the basics. first while it is missing test for spark out of the coil, if all good see if you can tell which one does not make it run worse(thats one missing). next listen to the injectors, using a long screw driver place one end on each injector and the other to ear, make sure they all sound the same. if all good its a compression issue, now with it coming and going i would almost rule out it being a compression issue. except for the fact you said you had a valve job done. i have seen a hand full where the valve seat pops out of place,and if its being popped back in every now and then your miss would disappear. but i truly think this will just be a bad coil.

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