1995 Toyota Camry- door lock problems


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1995 Toyota Camry- door lock problems

How do I fix manual door locks. One no longer works and the other is now difficult to unlock and the key got stuck last night.
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Shoot a little silicone spray into the key slot and wiggle the key back & forth.
I bet it loosens right up and works smooth.

WD-40 may have solvents that could harm the plastic innards of the lock.

A graphite spray light on solvent carrier may work well too.

I think I'd do the silicone .....
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If that doesn't work, do you know how to remove the inside panel?
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For the best fix, removal of the panel would be best. Sometimes there are several joints in different shafts that manage the locking of the door, and you may not be able to service them all without removing the panel. There is also the chance that there is a thin layer of plastic between the doors components and the panel, in which case spraying into the door blindly may not work either.

Most panels pop off pretty easily. Some items might have to be removed via screws like handles or window knobs. You can use a flat head screw driver to search for any panel mounts around the edges, then pry as close to the panel mount as you can to reassure no damage is done to the panel itself. If any of the panel mounts break they can be replaced with pocket change.

Sometimes you can access the inside of the door 'enough' to service it by simply popping at least half of the panel off of the door, in this case you can pry it back enough to spray and inspect any mechanical parts inside the door.

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