2007 Escalade - intermittent heated seats


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2007 Escalade - intermittent heated seats

I have a 2007 Escalade that has heated and cooled seats. They only work some of the time. It seems like when I wiggle the wires under the passenger seat they work for a while. But eventually they quit working. All fuses are ok. Brought it to local chevy dealer and they said it needs new fan and *something else* and it would be $1000. I told them it works some of the time but they don't believe me. So I didn't split for the $1000 junk they wanted to sell me. But if it works part of the time I have to think that the fan and *something else* is not completely bad. Especially when I wiggle wires to get it to work.

Any thoughts?
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Well, why don't you get to that plug the wiggled wires go into, disconnect it, clean with electrical cleaner, seal with dielectric grease and plug back in? Well worth a thousand bucks, aye?
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First off, I know nothing about any "fans" ever being a part of a heated seat. Every heated seat I have ever seen was like a heated blanket, nothing but some metal coils that arch out electricity, and I have been doing mechanics for over 15 years. The only fan in a heating system is the blower motor which controls the air in your vents. If anyone knows about a fan powered heated seat, please correct me.

If what you say is so then there is no doubt that there is a short in a wire somewhere or a bad connection. The scary thing about this is that there is a chance some of your wires are arching out. If they are, they will eventually cook the wire, any wire harnesses, it can drain and kill your battery, blow fuses, etc.

Not that there is need to panic, but when you "jimmy" wires around to play with a short, you are most likely poking around with several amps of electricity, especially if it is for an electrical seat.

With all of that said, just be careful! I have been re-wiring jeeps for years and have had cabs billow smoke before.

The best way to inspect the wires and plugs are to start by disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery so you can remove the seat. This should only be 4 bolts and should be very easy. Once some of the bolts are removed it can be lifted enough to view and unplug any connections. Then you can move the seat out of the way and inspect all of the plugs as well as the controls at the bottom of the seat.

The majority of the time a short happens where a wire deals with movement, or, a wiring harness has failed at the wires connection and caused an arch. So, you would first inspect the harnesses for any visible damage or corrosion, and then check any areas where wires may be susceptible to movement and bending.

P.s. Try going to a family owned mechanics garage, you have a far less chance of being ripped off.
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I've replaced the heater elements in seats before and it's basically like someone said. It's a heated blanket with copper connections in it just like your rear defrost. They just get warm. If you are wiggling physical wires, it sounds like you just have a loose connection in one of the harnesses.

Check this out: 2007 cadillac escalade ext heated seats dont work PLEASE help!

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