What is this green stuff dripping from 05 Impala?


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What is this green stuff dripping from 05 Impala?

This has got me stumped. A few days ago I noticed a spot of green on the driveway under the front of my wife's Impala. Seems a little TOO bright and green to be antifreeze--but I verified the car has red Dexcool in the radiator and overflow bottle. Fluid has no odor or taste, isn't sticky, feels a little oily like antifreeze--but again it doesn't belong. This drip has persisted for several days even though the car has been driven in the rain. I've looked under the hood and can't see any sign of it except for a barely-visible amount in the cross-member the radiator sits in.

She swears she didn't hit a can of paint, a martian, a zombie, a vulcan, etc.

She & I are both MSU Spartans and bleed green--but our vehicles haven't expressed a school preference. Any other logical explanation for it?

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You got me. Some windshield washer fluid is green these days; but that doesn't look like WW fluid to me.
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If you can't trace it any higher - I'd bet she hit something that had green liquid.
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Not sure that I'm looking at it correctly, but the only thing that comes to mind in that area is maybe a bumper shock absorber leaking, although I do not recall ever hearing of them being dyed. Other than that, I would assume that she ran over something. Maybe a Spartan's toes on the way out of East Lansing?
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its a/c dye. when a/c work is done almost everyone dyes the system. those cars normally leak right at the compressor. but looking at your photo id bet you have a hole in you condenser. if you have a black light and some yellow tented glasses it will glow.
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Iceman you may be right. While looking over the area I noticed the condenser looked pretty rough.
That answer doesn't make me happy, though
I had noticed the liquid had a strange luminescence when hit by my LED flashlight. I can't recall ever having the system worked on--but it's very possible. Do they put that much dye in? I always assumed maybe a teaspoon in the system would be adequate for spotting a leak with blacklight...
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Yeah, but the dye is mixed with ENTIRE volume of fluid inside AC system. That slight foaminess also tips towards freon.
Kudos to iceman.

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