Taurus or Focus


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Taurus or Focus

Hello guys:
I want to buy a backup car. I am thinking about a 2003-2006 Taurus or focus. I had a ranger with a V^ Vulcan motor (so I'm used to working on them). I want a reliable car that I can work on as a shade tree mechanic. Your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.
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both are on the same level for issues, both are vast in numbers so junk parts are easy to find. only real pros and cons are the taurus can hold more people/weight, while the focus will get slightly better fuel miles. but i would say if travel alot the taurus would be a smother ride. and the focus is a way better city car. tune ups are easier on the focus but an alternator is easier on the taurus. focus has a timing belt where the taurus is a chain. taurus have springs that break on the rear struts, the focus wears motor mounts out quick. i have worked on a vast amount of these cars in the past 15 years. i have seen both hit over 300k and i have seen both need motors/trans with only 80k. all depends on who owned it last.
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Are those the only 2 choices? I don't like front wheel drive cars.
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I'd try to step up a couple years to a Ford Five Hundred or new Taurus if it were my decision. The newer Taurus is nothing at all like the old ones. I had a new 2008 Taurus and it was a great car with plenty of power and good gas mileage. The 3.5 liter engine is rated at 263 HP and would have driven circles around the old Chevy 327s and 350s had they been around back in the '60s and '70s.
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My wife has a 2003 sable which is the same as the taurus. We bought it 10 yrs ago with 20k miles, it now has almost 180k and over all has been reliable. Believe it or not, the back 3 plugs are easier to change than the front 3 - there's a lot of space between the engine and firewall. Any front wheel drive car will have areas under the hood that are challenging to work on It still has the original struts which seem to be preforming fine.
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I'd go a little newer and get a Fusion.

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