Window regulator motor


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Window regulator motor


Replacing window reg motor on 1998 dodge Dakota with power window. How do I relieve the spring tension before removing old motor? Thanks in advance.
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That should be a fairly easy motor assembly to replace. Luckily it's before the newer style cable drive power windows. Do you know how to get the door panel off ? That needs to be removed and the watershield over the door. The watershield is nothing more than a piece of plastic so be careful when you remove it so it doesn't rip.

There isn't any spring tension on the window itself. There is gravity that will want to let the glass slide down into the door by itself. Finding a piece of rubber or even a rubber door stop will hold the window in place for you. Wedge the rubber between the window and the metal door frame. There is a track along the bottom of the window that the two arms from the regulator ride it. Some tracks are removable and some the arms will release from the track.

There are usually three bolts holding the motor/regulator in place. Remove the three bolts and unplug the motor plug and the motor/regulator assembly will float in the door. You can turn it until you can get it out of the large opening.

The key is to get the glass to stay up so that it's not in your way.
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best way is to leave the motor on the regulator. and put in a vise or use vise grips to hold the assmeble from turning. then remove the motor. if you release the spring you will fight hell putting it back. or better yet if you can get to the motor bolts while still in the door. get the glass all the way up and then do the motor, the spring will hold the glass up.

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