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These are all codes that came up when I had a friend put my 06 HHR Chevy on the reader po0135, po053, po030. I think if I can find the po135 oxygen sensor I can probably take care of all the problems right there because I think it's loose I never had any problems until I hit a bad pot hole, then it statred messing up on me since then that's been about a month ago the car runs the same it's just the engine light won't shut off even after I had the codes wiped out. If you could please describe in detail where I might find it and what it looks like I'd be eternally grateful. You see I'm no mechanic, but the company I was working for done a bunch of cut backs and that put me in the unemployment line. I have no way to pay anyone to do this so if I don't do it myself it's not only not going to get done but it's going to get worse until I have a real problem. Any help will be appreciated THANK YOU.
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The O2 sensors are usually VERY hard to remove.
Get a buddy to come look at it with you, someone who is mechanically inclined. It would likely save you time & money.
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A loose O2 sensor would be pretty unusual; chances are just a bad sensor OR could be a wiring/connector issue.

Some help available at autozone.com:


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Thank you for all your help I appreciate it, thank you.

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