Sony stereo wiring into Nissan sentra


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Sony stereo wiring into Nissan sentra

Just received a Sony cdxgt57upw stereo and I'm trying to install into a 2001 sentra. I am confused as to the wiring? I need all the help. I have two plugs coming out from Sentra but only one plug in the Sony. BTW Sony already has it's plug in and the wires are just hanging out.

Thanks in advance
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Yes, of course. Pretty standard. What you need is Nissan adapter for aftermarket stereos. It will take both of Nissan plugs in and you'll have a multiple color wand of wires coming out of it on Sony end. Then you simply match and splice colors.
Modern head units (not stereos) are all standard and color coding matches well. They are also clearly marked on insulation, what's what.
Btw, do not splice by stripping wired ends and twisting/ taping them over. Buy a box of little blue splicing tubes, and have pliers handy. Works much better and connection is solid. As far as I remeber, wires on both ens are pre-cut insulation for easy stripping. If not, you'll need wire stripping tool. No, knife or utility blade is not the best choice.

This thing:
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You can certainly cut the plugs off in the vehicle and wire directly but I would highly recommend picking up a plug kit. Your two car plugs will plug into these receptacles. The wire colors coming out of the receptacles will match your Sony colors directly.

Metra Part # 70-7550 | Nissan wire harness | Metra Online

These types of kits are available online as well as from many car audio installers or mobile electronics stores. Best Buy, Pep Boys, Autozone are others.
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So many functions are built into the head units on newer cars, I can't imagine trying to replace with aftermarket.

Not a 2001, but more recent years.

I do agree that the wiring kits are the best and easiest approach.
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I'd have my HU replaced long ago on my Camry Hybrid, if not for all the hybrid drive info I'd lose. I like techy gismos in my cars, and don't like upgrading cars just because of that. But his is very basic really. He can also display much more any HU ever will, with Torque app and large display cell phone.

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