Tie rod replacement led to something else


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Tie rod replacement led to something else

This is not so much a query as an observation. Vehicle is a 2000 Honda CRV with
2WD with 217K miles.
I replaced each tie rod and then took her for a spin. The handling was much worse than before. Nothing to do but get it to the alignment shop driving it quite gingerly. Turns out the upper ball joints had also had it. I have never done these so I had them replaced as well and we are back in "bid-ness."
Best I can figure is that the looseness in the original tie rods worked in combination with that of the ball joints to make to overall problem less obvious, though I knew it was time for some work. The steering wheel did the dreaded 2 inch dance at slow speeds and I felt every bump in the road. Struts are good all around as I replaced them in June of 2013.
Anyone else every encountered this or something similar?
Thanks and Happy New Year!
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You have UPPER ball joint on a strut?
Actually you do do have upper-lower control arms and strut in the middle. Go figure.
No, never heard of tie rod ends working in unison with bad ball joints. Or of "bid-ness". Care to explain?
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bid-ness = business

Did you count the threads or measure the length when you replaced the tie rods? Replacing the tie rods shouldn't have made it drive worse but if you made the alignment worse I'm not surprised that other parts were also worn out with that many miles.
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re tie rods


Marksr is likely correct, though I counted the turns (I thought) when I installed new tie rod ends. I did this once before on a different vehicle with no problems.

The upper ball joint is attached to the A-arm, not the strut.

Bid-ness - something we used to say in the Army. No offense intended,


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