Dealer alternative for extra ignition key for 2006 GM Chevy Cobalt


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Dealer alternative for extra ignition key for 2006 GM Chevy Cobalt

I have a plain Cobalt LS with manual door locks and wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about getting an extra ignition key cut for it but not from a GM Dealer?
Specifically, given it's a base LS model Cobalt with no fancy electronics, will it require a 'special' key that has to be programmed to the car like my wife's '07 Chevy Malibu?

I suppose an auto-locksmith would be able to do the job but likely not much cheaper than a Chevy dealer... Just wondered if the days of walking in to a hardware store and getting an ignition key made are over.

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If the first digit of your 17 digit VIN number starts with the number 1 or 4 you can have a key cut from your original and program it to work. There are instructions on programing available on the web. If your VIN starts with other than 1 or 4 you need to go to a dealer for a new key.

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I went to the dealer for a new key 2 times, because they lost the second key on our new car. Both of the factory cut keys wouldn't work. They finally called a local locksmith who made one on site and accidentally included his bill in my paperwork. Only $50.

Now, this was a Kia, and the fob they replaced worked, they just had to cut a new actual metal key.

I'm sure Rons info is better than what I just wrote.
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Any half way decent locksmith will cut you a key AND flash it based on the original one. Costs about that - 50-60 bucks.
But you'll still have to do key learning procedure. BCM has to learn the new key.
That's under assumption he has chipped key.

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My local real lumber yard has the machine to do it. Had one made for my F150, cost $65.00. Still cheaper then the dealer.

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