91 accord oil leak


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91 accord oil leak

I have a 91 accord with 200k that just started leaking oil from the front of the engine. It seems to be pushing out at the top of the exhaust manifold(smoky, stinky messy). I changed the valve cover gasket. It's definitely not coming from there. i need a solution
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best way to find an oil leak is to clean it with brake clean, let it dry. then run it and see where it comes out.
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There is no oil at exhaust manifold gasket. Oil is combustible and no one in sane mind will run it anywhere close to exhaust. So, it's either your valve cover gasket, or you have say oil pressure sensor or something in that area.
Yes, I did see you changed gasket. Does not mean it's still not leaking. Take a pic and post here.
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I have 1990 Accord and have oil leak, too. I can't find where it exactly leaks from, but I do see some dripping from rear side of oil pan screws, rear side of oil pan gasket (just changed and still didn't fix leak problem), oil engine plug under oil filter and drip on muffler and burned. I also saw drip from sensor (engine temperature?) electric wire (runs on top of oil filter and away from engine block). I still can't see and sure where it leaks from. Every time I drive, I saw engine oil burning smoke coming out from under hood. I open to check and saw smog coming out from some where around under oxygen sensor next to exhaust pipe right next to the front of engine block and still can't find exactly where it comes from. Does anyone know where I should check for leak? By the way, I did change head gasket in Aug. 2011 and had no this issue until Fall 2014. Are these related?

Rob, did you find out where it leaks for your 1991 Accord yet?
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Found leak from loose oil pressure sending unit/switch. After tying it, leaks stop.

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