Accord 2000: Choosing Front Rotors and Pads


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Accord 2000: Choosing Front Rotors and Pads


I think I need to replace (again) the front rotors and brake pads on Honda Accord 2000 LX 4dr 5spd. Looking for advice for quality budget parts.

I replaced the pads perhaps 4 or so years ago, decided to try ceramic pads back then, and the advice I got was to also put in new rotors, which should be "special" for ceramic pads. So I bought some slightly fancier rotors, which came with 2-year warranty.

Well, now the front brakes are very noisy and wobbly. When I took one apart, the pads were not yet spent but the disk was very uneven, with deep grooves in it. This is not at all what I am used to see: usually the disk looks polished.

Anyway, I figured I better replace the rotors and the pads. I never know how to pick them: many options, and it is not clear if there is a difference. I am thinking again to get ceramic pads and appropriate rotors.

I would like to pick quality parts but I do not need high performance, prefer to keep the price low, as much as it is practical. How do I pick them?

Here's a couple of options I see. Is this reasonable? Any recommendations?



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From what you are telling us one component was ignored in your rebuild.....the calipers. Having deep grooves in the rotors can be a sign of stuck or malfunctioning calipers. If the caliper doesn't retract properly it will remain in the pressure position and create heat, eventually wearing the rotor in the way you describe..
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My personal method of choosing is to stop by the CarQuest where I have my commercial account and say, "give me some pads and rotors". You said performance is not important, but you're shopping performance parts. My preference for brake parts is Wagner or Raybestos (just replaced front pads on the wrecker last Saturday with Wagners; the old ones, with a lot of friction material left, had 65,000 miles on them). .
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Just don't wait like I did on my Ram dually. Rear brakes are "top hats" in that the parking brakes are shoes and the braking brakes are disk. I dropped off the truck and had them done at my mechanic's. He saved the left rear which had a sticking caliper. I had maybe two days of braking left. You could poke a hole in the metal with your finger.
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OP, no matter what you buy - and do NOT buy ceramics - it will all go down the sewers UNLESS YOU DO PAD TO ROTORS BEDDING PROCEDURE IMMEDIATELY AFTER INSTAL.
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nothing wrong with ceramic pads, and no need for special rotors. some manufacturers don't even recommend turning anymore, just replace the pads and when the rotors are worn to their limit, you replace them. I'm old school...I believe in a new surface on the rotors with good quality pads. wagner and raybestos are great national brands, but they also make pads for retailers like Federated, Napa, Oreilly's, Autozone, etc. A decent set of pads run around $40. If you do good clean work, service the caliper slides, torque the fasteners properly (with a torque wrench) you don't have to spend outrageous amounts of money. I also don't agree with "stuck" calipers causing grooving. Calipers stuck on slides causes uneven brake pad wear and uneven braking side to side. Pistons stuck in calipers is another story, they should be replaced if the pistons are stuck, dust boots damaged. Also have a good look at your flexible brake hoses at the caliper and make sure they aren't beginning to fall apart. if they are, replace them ASAP

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