Electric issue with stereo and dash lights


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Electric issue with stereo and dash lights

So this is strange, my dash lights went out I think faulty switch. So I put LED strips inside my cluster and ran it to the stereo. I hooked it to the stereo ignition wire and ground and then something went wrong. The fuse blew in the ACC#11 block and the stereo went out BUT! The LEDs were still on.
Discounected the lights and replaced the fused and it blue again so I uped it to a 15AMP. Now I think its surging because it resets the stereo.

Everything looks fine to me, I dont know why this is hapening and cant seem to fix it.
One other thing, my LED lights flicker when I step on the brake. Any one know why?
Any help is greatly apreciated.
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This sounds like a comedy of errors... make sure the fire insurance is paid up.

You are going to tell us what kind of vehicle you have, aren't you ??
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you need a wire diagram...that's just weird.
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Above all...... DON'T "UP" THE SIZE OF ANY FUSE.
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Ok so we got this figured out. Sometimes I empty my pockets in to the ashtray, and it so happens that a button fell off my pants pocket and I stuck it in the ashtray. Well the button manage to bounce inside the lighter slot. My girlfriend tried to plug in her phone and the stereo reset. The button manage to lodge in there pretty good and started catching fire smoke the whole shibang. Its out now so I can change my fuse back and not have to deal with blown fuses.
One thing still baffles me, and thats when the fuse blows the lights still glow. it may be because the ignition wire to the stereo is intergrated in to another block, then the 12v feed thats connects to the head unit
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Just a wild guess but since LEDs don't consume much power you may be getting enough juice in the blown circuit from another live circuit. Maybe the constant-power input to the radio (keeps the station memory) is back-feeding into the switched-power line. Turn off the radio or disconnect that wire & see if your LEDs go out.

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