Battery life


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Battery life

I have a pickup ,rarely used.. I store the battery fully charged out of the truck for the winter.AGM.
about 6 months. I bring it inside and put it in an unheated dirt pit about 40 inches deep and sheltered from the wind completely. No heat at all and the temps can get to 30 below but
not the last 2 years.It is an unheated room on the side of the cabin. Anyway I have done it this way for 4 years and the battery is still not destroyed. I has charged up every spring. I will see what happens this year.
Isnt it remarkable that the temp of the soil at 40 inches can protect it like this???
Have you ever done anything like this?? What do you think..
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Was auto mechanic for many years before I retired, Oldest battery I found was 12 years old. Was original battery for that car and one owner.
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My AGM battery, Panasonic, from my Camry was in active use for over 8 years and is still fine.
I don't think yours is somehow remarkable. What I do not understand is why back in ol' country batteries were stored in cold and here they are stored in warm.. And cold kills them. Beats me.
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I usually get about 10 yrs out a quality battery when nothing special being done although I doubt any of them ever sat unused for more than a month. With all the electronic junk and headlights coming on every time you unlock it, I doubt the battery in my 2010 jeep will last that long
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Going to a whole lot of extra work for no reason.
Could have just left it in the truck.
There's nothing in a AGM to freeze, they hold there charge far longer then a wet cell, and most charge 50% faster.
Touch base with the manufacturer and see what they say.
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I remember the old Die Hard batteries from Sears. They were given that name for a reason. My Jeep CJ5 Renegade had one in it and it cranked at full torque for a number of years. Got in it to go to the grocery store, cranked as normal. Got back in at grocery store and it wouldn't even click the solenoid. It died hard.........and quick.
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I am looking forward to future batteries that will have a built in capacitor start module on the side of the battery.All the kick comes from the capacitor and it will last longer and crank
even when there is only a little juice left. Like the Maxwell start module but smaller and much cheaper.
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I replaced the original battery in my '97 Camry in April of '05 so about eight years on the factory battery. I'm still using the battery that I bought in '05 so as of now just two months shy of ten years on the replacement.
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Always fun taking a walk down memory lane but to get back to the O/P's question.
Whole different type of battery then the old wet cells or even gel battery's.

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