Low Then regular voltage????


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Low Then regular voltage????

Hi, I have a 2006 Chevy Uplander...runs good. Two nights in a row while I'm driving, the headlights will dim and at the same time the heater fan winds down a bit and the radio cuts out and then it goes back to normal....maybe a half hour later the same thing. Alternator? Any suggestions.
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Many auto parts stores will test your alternator/charging system for free. I'd also check the connections on the battery and ground cable.
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It's not a diesel, is it? In really cold weather, heater grids, if used, will kick in and put an enormous load on the system.
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Not sure if this would apply to newer cars today but years ago I had a Cutlass that did the same thing--lights would dim then it would charge like crazy.

Turned out to be a part in the alternator, trio diode I think it was called. Easy fix if that is it.
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Check the chassis ground wire that comes off the negative battery post and goes to chassis. It is a smaller wire than the battery cable, but is interconnected with it at the battery connection and then goes to chassis ground. Corrosion and loose connections here can cause the symptoms you describe. I have cured these problems with new wires and adding an additional grounding wire from chassis ground to engine ground. Most notorious of these was the Jeep that lights and gauges flickered like a fluorescent bulb on its way out. Two new grounding wires cured it.
Hope your problem is as simple to fix. They can be difficult to diagnose, though.

Baldwin's suggestion is a good one also. It is called a diode trio and is inside alternator.

Happy hunting,

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