Nothing but defrost in Tempo...


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Nothing but defrost in Tempo...

This is mystifying. I've got a '94 Ford Tempo GL, 3.0 v6, 4-door, rear window defrost. This car has been through numerous used AC/heat control panels, and is about to get a NOS unit. But since before I owned the car, cooled or heated air has only come out the windshield defrost vents. Right now, the control panel is out of the dash, since it was coming apart anyway. Using a jumper wire to power the fan control. Also using a short piece of hose to jump vacuum from source to the various door motors through the connector at the back of the control panel. But moving the hose from port to port changes nothing; I might as well have the source plugged. It behaved this way even with panels in place and hooked up. This is a good-running little car, and I would really like to restore the comfort control to operation. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks in advance, as always... Chris
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It sounds to me like you have some bad vacuum hoses past the port or you didn't plug the other ports while you were moving the source.

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