2005 s-10 Blazer Strange Behavior


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2005 s-10 Blazer Strange Behavior

I gave my daughter my 2005 4x4 Blazer after she drove it for 15 miles in 4 wheel low. This destroyed the 4 wheel capability. It was going to be too expensive to repair, so we accepted the vehicle would be 2 wheel drive from now on.

Now, when backing on snow, the vehicle pulls sharply to the left (driver's side).

She's gotten stuck 3 times when the vehicle pulled off the side of her driveway into deeper snow.

I, of course, thought she was doing something wrong (limited experience).

But today, I tried it for myself and it did the same thing to me.

It has 4 new snow tires on it, and I definitely held the wheel straight.

What gives? I presume it's something to do with the wrecked 4 wheel drive?
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Its pulling only when on snow?

Is the steering pulling in any direction like the front-end is out of alignment when driving down the road in either forward or reverse?

Are you sure the front-end is "wrecked" & its only in 2 wheel drive? Or could the front-end be wrecked & either fully or partially (on one side) is locked in?

Here is what I want you to do, put her in the Blazer & you drive in another vehicle behind her. See if its going down the road crooked or slightly sideways.

Any other info you can think of will help..
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What were the road conditions when she drove it in 4 wheel low? Has anyone checked out the 4 wheel drive for damage? 15 or 1500 miles in 4 wheel low won't hurt anything [other than fuel mileage] as long as the tires can slip [not dry pavement] The front wheel drive being disconnected or otherwise not working doesn't affect the rear tires.

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