2004 Ford Explorer cuts out


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2004 Ford Explorer cuts out

Occasionally stalls while driving. Engine light and battery light come on. After a few minutes, it starts back up and runs OK. Dealership wasn't sure because couldn't recreate it but the charged me $400 for my fuel sensor thinking it was that. Well, it did need to be replaced but didn't fix the problem. Help please! Loose Connection?
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What fuel sensor ? You mean the pump and sender in the tank ?

Did you have a computer scan done right after it happened ?
Did it stall at idle or where you on the road ?

It could be many things and we'd only be guessing.
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I'm interested in PJ's questions, too. Not sure what a "fuel sensor" is and whatever it is why it was deemed as needing to be replaced anyway, although not fixing problem. I dislike repair facilities that take expensive guesses. On the other hand intermittent problems are often hard to diagnose until they are dead when the mechanic gets the vehicle.
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happened again

They fixed the "fuel gauge sensor". They said they werent getting a messages from the truck becuase the check engine light isnt on. Happened again this morning.Doign about 30mph and it just cut out. It started back up and went fine rest of way to work, but when I got out, it was beeping like I had left the lights on and couldnt get it to stop until i startted the car and turned it off again twice.

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