06 Pontiac Montana ABS Not working. Code C0035 set.


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06 Pontiac Montana ABS Not working. Code C0035 set.

I posted this forum a few days ago and no one has replied.

Traction Control/Stability/ABS Not working - Automotive Forums .com Car Chat

Well, since posting that forum, I bought my own scan tool, so I could go by my own diagnostics and not what others were telling me (which everyone was telling me something different and claiming the others that told me what the diag codes didn't know what they were talking about.)

Well, I bought an Actron CP9580A scanner that can scan ABS. According to the scanner, the code for my ABS is C0035. The first place that scanned my car told me that code. I replaced my front driver wheel hub based on that diagnostic.

When I replaced the hub, I looked at the wiring and it looked fine. After the first test and the ABS working for a few minutes (kind of where the ABS would act like I'm on ice at every stop) but after about 5 minutes, the ABS would fault and then the brakes worked normal. Before I replaced the hub, it would immediately fault and never even do that.

So even though the car seems to work worse with the new hub, it actually is probably working slightly better. But, with the new hub on and I now have my own scan tool, I erased the codes and then drove it again and it faulted again. After I drove it enough for the ABS alarms to come back on, I scanned it and got only C0035 code.

Does anyone know what good next troubleshooting steps I could try?
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they are bad about the wiring breaking interanly, most auto parts places sell a long pigtail to replace them. reason its working better is because you moved it. it normally breaks near the second clip from the connetor.
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Update: I replaced the ABS connector at the driver's front wheel and the ABS has worked for 2 days now. No warning lights.

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