PT cruiser ignition key switch problem


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PT cruiser ignition key switch problem

HI all,

I have a 2002 PT cruiser. Over the last 3-4 months I have had an issue with the ignition key. I start the vehicle 3-4 times a day 5 days a week. Over that time period this has happened maybe 6 times so not that often. Basically I would insert key and it was locked and key would not move to acc. position or start vehicle. Each time if wiggled key a bit and/or repositioned steering wheel it would start after several attempts. This morning however, was a bit different and I tried to start and it was again locked. I had my second set of keys and it still didn't work so I think I can rule out a key issue. This time finally after a couple minutes of frantically trying to wiggle/turn key and steering wheel it finally moved and started. I then tried several other starting attempts and it has worked fine. JUst doing a quick search, I See some have reccomended spraying key with WD-40 and inserting it and start a bunch of times. I Was going to try this today while at work. The next thing I see online is a youtube video showing how the ignition cylinder is removed from steering column. basically there is a small hole to go through in column and you turn the key to run and push something through hole to press a button and the cylinder pops out. MY question though is what is the most likely cause of what is happening. IF it is the cylinder itself, and it pops out that easy, can you just pop it out and take it to a locksmith or something to get a new and key to you existing key. or if it isn't he cylinder what is the next most likley thing it could be and what would be involved to change. THx for help
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i would first try the lube, but i would rather use white lithium grease. and last resort would be to replace the cylinder. you can buy a new one from most auto places with extra tumblers and get a lock smith to match your key.

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