Is this metal washer necessary (doing an oil change)?


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Question Is this metal washer necessary (doing an oil change)?

Hi guys,

I usually buy Wix branded oil filters and have been doing my own oil changes for a while. For the first time, I bought a Toyota OEM filter for my Corolla. But I noticed that the dealership included this metal washer for my drain plug:

Is this piece necessary? Because my existing oil drain plug seems to hold up just fine without it.
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Could it be a replacement washer for the drain plug?
The only time I've seen washers used with oil filters is with the old canister type filters.
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I'm thinking drain plug, as Mark mentioned, or the block side of the nipple that the filter threads onto, not for the filter itself, but, given how critical containing the oil is, I would ask the person where you go it. Might be something they know that's not in the manual.
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It is not a metal washer but a fiber gasket. Toyota recommends replacing the gasket each time the plug is removed but it often becomes stuck (tightly) to the oil pan and cannot be removed without some effort. I have rarely gone to that effort and mine has never leaked from reusing the old gasket.
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It's a "Crush Washer" for the Drain Plug; made of a softer metal (ie: aluminum or copper), they tend to conform better to the surfaces they are being crushed between and therefore seal better than a hard steel washer would.

Some manufacturers would prefer that you replace them with each oil change; but I use them for 2 or 3. Last time I bought them for my Volvo, I got a dozen for less than $3.00.

I've never had a Drain Plug loosen up when using a Crush Washer. I think you should expect to tighten the plug down to the point where you can feel that you're beginning to crush the sacrificial donut shaped or even hollow crush washer, and you don't have to over torque the plug in order to achieve a good seal . . . . better than a fibre washer.

But it's a personal choice. Toyota apparently recommends them.

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