2001 Olds Aurora ABS dash light.


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2001 Olds Aurora ABS dash light.

The ABS dash light came on, while not even pressing the brake pedal. Now it will come on every time the car is used, at varying times, after its been driven some. Is this normally the same thing or could it be one of many?
Thanks in advance.
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Normally a defective or intermittent wheel speed sensor can cause that. You need to have the computer scanned and they can tell you what the problem is.

I believe some of the chain auto parts places like PepBoys, Advanced Auto, etc. will check the codes for free.
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Tracking down ABS problems can be difficult.

On my cars (1999 GMC Jimmy, 2000 Blazer) a sensor is basically a part of the hub (on the front). It can be intermittent. I had to track down one that signaled ABS warning especially after I took a left turn or stepped on my brakes on a particularly rough road.

I just gave it to my mechanic (in trade of his car) for two days to feel it out. He had gotten tired of resetting the ABS warning light, since the computer just said there was a problem but did not tell exactly what, where or why. The newer cars are great for signally if there is a problem, but that about as far as it goes.

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Sometimes, as a car ages, the reluctor ring (aka tone ring) may crack, and spread the teeth as the car accelerates, resulting in a confused abs computer.

So at lower speeds, say in the city, everything is fine; but you get on the InterState and centrifugal force will cause the distance between teeth to widen, throwing a code.

Those rings can be replaced; but many dealers will say that the entire axle needs to be replaced.

On most cars, you can remove the wheel, pull the sensor, and peer into the hole with a flashlight and rotate the hub to look for a crack in the reluctor ring . . . . verifying the problem.
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