How Do I Repair a Crack in the exterior door panel of a 2007 Honda Accord?


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How Do I Repair a Crack in the exterior door panel of a 2007 Honda Accord?

Hi. I have a hairline crack in the exterior door panel of my 2007 Honda Accord. I guess its about 4 inches long. I attached a pic to show you the crack. Sometimes it looks like there is a rust color around the edges of the crack. I do not know what caused the crack.

Can you tell me how I can repair this or make it look a little better? I don't want to replace the door panel. I'm looking for an economical way to make it look better. I think I do have some touch up paint for the car that I bought at the dealership. Thank you for your advice.
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Is that a crack or a deep scratch? You'll need to sand it down to clean metal, prime and paint.
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What caused the crack? Internal door structure damage. Did you buy it new or used? You can't really Bondo it, if it's crack, it'll spread the resin. Needs to be welded or soldered and then sanded and painted. It may be a toss between replacing door fascia - no need to replace entire door - and doing all the metal work plus painting.

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