condensation of muffler?


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condensation of muffler?

Ok so I have 2 cars an early 90's buick and a mid 80's toyota. The toyota doesnt smoke condensation at all!!

My buick on the other hand is like having a cloud drag behind the car. Not only that but it takes driving it for about an hour for it to stop.
is there an air breach in my exhaust system cause moisture to collect inside my muffler? Or is there another reason why my car condensates so bad?
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If it's white smoke you may have a cooling system leak.
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Are you losing any coolant?
If you are not. Then your exhaust gases are being converted into water and your car is running perfectly. Nothing to worry about.
I too had a car like this. Blew white smoke out. But ran great!
I wouldn't worry about it if your car is not overheating and running good.

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